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Decor Inspiration: Traditional Meets Modern

Traditional home decor never truly goes out of style. Even during periods of new trends, we always find a way to sneak in something classic because you simply can never go wrong with classic.

Classic Home Decor

Authentic Oriental rug designs originated centuries and centuries ago, the oldest known hand-knotted rug being the Pazyryk Carpet circa 400 bc, which was excavated in 1949 from a Scythian tomb. If you visit the Hermitage Museum of Russia you can marvel at the sight of this ancient piece of handwoven art.

The Pazyryk Carpet

The Pazyryk Carpet

Today, genuine Persian rugs and Oriental rugs are created with the same methods of those far-off times, knotting wool wefts around sturdy warps, meticulously, until something beautiful exists. 

Persian Heriz Rug - Weft and warp

Persian Heriz Rug Knots

Turkish Rug - Warp and weft

Turkish Herake Rug Knots

When decorating your home with an Oriental area rug, yes, the rug is there to serve a functional purpose, but placing hand-knotted area rugs in your home can symbolize so much more. The rugs are a visual representation of hard work, a display of intricate and breath-taking design, an added layer of comfort, and a sign of good taste. 

Modern Traditional Decor - Elle Decor 

These days, when shopping for an area rug online, you will be inundated with options, and there are a lot of amazing rugs out there, for sure, but you will also run into far too many low quality, machine-made rugs that won't last longer than your current toothbrush. These machine-made rugs are made quickly, usually out of some type of plastic fiber, in a churn and burn sort of way and in as much as they're cheap to buy, they typically appear that way, as well. This isn't to say that all machine-made rugs are bad, but it is to say that there's something to owning things that are made from the heart and built to last, like handmade rugs, which can live on through generations and be passed down to our loved ones as a gift of timeless beauty.

Scott Sanders Interior Design


If you're concerned about creating a space that looks too dated or old fashioned in a bad way, mix in more current pieces of furniture, lighting, or accessories in combination with your classic decor items that will give you the perfect balance of the past and the present to create a lovely NOW

Modern Traditional Decor


 Galli Restaurant - New York City


Modern Traditional Decor

Handmade Area Rug Suggestions:

6.9x9.7 Finest Kazak - Main Street Oriental Rugs

6.9x9.7 Finest Kazak Rug

8x9.10 Sharif Mahal - Main Street Oriental Rugs

8x9.10 Sharif Mahal Rug

4.9x6.5 Antique Persian - Main Street Oriental Rugs

4x6 Antique Persian Rug

8.8x11.11 Antique Persian Sarouk - Main Street Oriental Rugs

 8.8x11.11 Antique Persian Sarouk

6.4x8.10 Persian Tribal Rug - Main Street Oriental Rugs

6.4x8.10 Persian Tribal Rug


Until next time, best wishes!


Stuart Bannett:

MSOR cleaned my 35 year old 12×18 Karastan this spring. It was like taking centuries of dust off the Sistine Chapel ceiling — colors brilliantly restored — and the fringe and edge binding were repaired as well. Pick up and delivery were quick, careful, efficient. Will use them again. S

Apr 13, 2016

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