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7 Tips For Decorating With Area Rugs

Decorating a new home or redecorating a space that needs updating can be rather daunting. With so many options to consider, from choosing a great color palette to finding items that perfectly suit your style, it takes some thought and a little planning to make your home feel, well, like home!


Here are 7 helpful tips to utilize when decorating with area rugs


Tip #1: Buy High Quality Area Rugs

Area rugs come in various colors, designs, and textures, but the most important part is the quality. When shopping for an area rug always seek out high quality pieces, handmade of natural fibers. Yes, that typically means spending a little extra, but a high quality area rug can last upwards of 100 years and be passed down from generation to generation, the long-lasting advantage is well worth the expense.

4.8x5.7 Antique Persian Afshar - Main Street Oriental Rugs


Tip #2: Choose A Rug The Way You'd Choose A Painting

High quality, handmade rugs are more often than not one-of-a-kind, each unique with their own variations and nuanced characteristics. They are meticulously woven by the trained hands of skilled and dedication artisans from all over the world, who turn mere bundles of sheared and spun wool into beautiful designs to add color, style and comfort to our abodes. When shopping for a rug like this, choose as if you were choosing a fine painting; rugs are more than just a floor covering, but something to be admired and displayed proudly.

Rugs Are Art - Main Street Oriental Rugs


Tip #3: Know Your Dimensions

Area rugs come in many different sizes, but the standard sizes are: 

2'x3', 3'x5', 4'x6'5'x7'6'x9'8'x10'9'x12', and 10'x14'

Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure the width and length of each room in your home that you'd like to add area rugs to, next decide how much of the floor's surface you'd like to cover and measure the width and length of that space, then using the standard rug sizes above, you'll have an idea of the right area rug size to choose.

Know Your Rug Dimensions - Main Street Oriental Rugs

Tip #4: Try The Rug In Your Home

Browsing area rugs online or searching through piles of area rugs in person is always fun and exciting, filling your mind with vibrant colors and inspiring home decor ideas, but a rug that you like in the store isn't always the rug you'll like at home. Lighting, wall paint color, existing furniture, etc. can either work stunningly well with an area rug or it can sometimes not hit the right note. We encourage our customers to take advantage of our in-home rug trial program and our online 7 business day return policy, so you're able to see the area rug in your environment and make the best decision.

Room design by Wiseman & Gale

Tip #5: Pick An Unusual Shape

Most area rugs are rectangular, but rugs also come in round, square, octagonal, and odd shapes. If you'd like to set your home design apart, choose a rug shape that you don't often see. Handmade round rugs take an exceptional amount of work to create, because the weavers have to maintain the perfect symmetry of a circle.

8.2x10 Indo-Persian Agra - Oval Rug

8.2x10 Indo-Persian Agra - Oval Rug - On Sale Now!

Tip #6: Play Around With Textures

Handmade area rugs come in differing textures depending on the type of rug and country of origin, from coarse woolen Kazak rugs to the unbelievably soft silken rugs of Persia. Coarser area rugs are the ticket for high-traffic areas, like entry-ways and hallways, fine wool and silk rugs are perfect for sitting rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. 

Area Rug Textures - Main Street Oriental Rugs

Tip #7: Don't Forget A Rug Pad

Rug padding is commonly an afterthought, but it shouldn't be. Rug pads are a key complement to handmade rugs, preventing them from slipping and sliding around on hard surface floors and keeping area rugs that have been placed over wall-to-wall carpeting from bunching and fraying, prolonging the life of your fine rugs.

Area Rug Pad - Main Street Oriental Rugs


With these tips in mind, decorating your home with area rugs will be a breeze! Best wishes!


Contact us if you have any questions about handmade rugs:

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