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Happy Customer Series: The Dishon Family

Introducing our newest blog feature! The Happy Customer Series highlights some of our wonderful customers who've found the perfect area rugs for their homes and design projects shopping with Main Street Oriental Rugs. 

Happy Customer Series: The Dishon Family

Mrs. Dishon was on the hunt for a new living room area rug that would work with her home's existing color palette and decor, whilst being durable enough for family gatherings. Not wanting to be hasty in choosing one of our many rug options, Mrs. Dishon chose to take advantage of our Rug Approval Program, which allowed her to try a few pieces in her home before finalizing her decision. The winning rug is a hand-knotted, 100% wool, Indo-Persian Mahal with a blooming garden design -- and it looks perfect!

Happy Customers Series: The Dishon Family

Customer Questionnaire:

  1. Why did you choose to shop at Main Street Oriental Rugs?  
    We had a rug in our living room for seven years and wanted to get a larger size. After buying two other rugs, one in a store and one online (both of which I returned), I was finding it difficult to find something that was good quality and looked good next to the other rugs in my house. I had mentioned this to a friend and she recommended Main Street Oriental Rugs. She had purchased several rugs from you in the past, and was extremely happy with all of them and the experience.

  2. Why did you want to purchase a hand-knotted Oriental rug? 
    I had originally thought I would get a wool tufted rug, similar to the other two on my main floor, but absolutely fell in love with the quality of the hand-knotted rugs.

  3. What kind of service do you expect when shopping for your home and did Main Street Oriental Rugs meet your expectations? 
    I expected someone to be helpful and attentive, but Main Street Oriental absolutely exceeded my expectations! The staff showed me multiple rugs, never losing patience, and as I shared my thoughts on different rugs, they would continue to find ones they thought I would like, based on my comments.  They allowed me to bring home five different rugs over the course of several days, trying them in my home, until I found the perfect one.

  4. Before purchasing your Oriental rug, did you know the difference between hand-knotted, tufted, and machine made area rugs? 
    Not at all.  😊

  5. How has owning a hand-knotted Oriental rug improved the comfort of your home for you and your family? 
    It truly is the center piece of our living room!  It has completely changed the feeling in the room, making it more inviting and warm.

  6. Are you happy with your Oriental rug purchase? 
    Absolutely yes!

  7. Would you recommend Main Street Oriental Rugs to your family and friends? I actually already have! I also shared the rug and the wonderful experience I had with Main Street Oriental on my social media sites. I've driven by the store so many times over the years and I only wish I had stopped in sooner!

We are thrilled to have exceeded our customer's expectations and look forward to featuring YOU, dear reader, as one of our next Happy Customers!

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