Fine handmade Oriental rugs will last a very long time if you care for them properly. Follow these important tips, along with occasional professional cleaning, and your beautiful area rugs will add warmth and charm to your home for many, many years.


Regular vacuuming of your fine rugs is one of the best methods of preservation. Surface dirt can filter down into the pile and accumulate causing increased wear. If your vacuum cleaner has a powered beater brush, raise the setting or use the beater brush only occasionally so as not to cause excessive stress on the wool yarn.


Never Vacuum the fringe 

Using your vacuum on the fringe of your fine rugs is inviting trouble. It is best to use a broom, a dustbuster or a hose attachment to gently remove loose dirt particles from the fringe area.


Rotate Your Rug

Turn your rug 180º every year or so to equalize the effects of foot traffic. This is also a good idea if your fine rugs have regular exposure to sunlight, doing this will prevent noticeable fading in any one area.


Use Good Padding 

A good pad will not only add a sumptuous feel to your fine rug, but it will help prevent wear. A pad will also minimize movement or creeping of your area rug.
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Clean up spills as soon as they occur. Never use any harsh chemicals on your fine rugs. Instead, blot up as much of the spill as you can, then use plenty of cold water with a clean sponge and continue to blot the area until the spill is removed. It's always a good idea to place some dry towels under your rug while you are cleaning it to prevent damage to the floor below. Use a fan to circulate air to aid in drying the rug. Be sure that the back dries thoroughly before placing the rug back down on the floor. 


Potted Plants

Never place a live potted plant on your fine carpet. Moisture from watering can migrate into your carpet causing mildew or prematurely rot the fibers in your rug.


Pet Urine 

As with food spills, pet urine is more easily removed if treated promptly and not allowed to dry. Blot up as much of the urine as possible with paper towels or a clean, dry cloth. Then try to rinse out as much of the remaining urine as you can using a sponge with cold water. If you have a more serious problem, conact Main Street Oriental Rugs for our emergency service.


Professional Cleaning 

Contact Main Street Oriental Rugs to have your rug professionally cleaned every couple of years (more frequently if your rug is in a high traffic area), so that we can thoroughly wash and rinse both sides of your rugs to restore its beauty and prolong its life. 
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Storing your carpet 

For detailed storage techniques visit: The Textile Museum in Washington DC